Whether you have a small company or nation-wide organisation, we are able to create innovative financial solutions that provide you with the equipment you need, on terms that match your requirements. These include; contract hire, lease purchase, finance leases and, for larger companies, total fleet management.
Contract Hire
This is off- balance sheet method of funding improves gearing and other ratios. Rentals are low because we take responsibility for the residual value and for obtaining tax advantages. You benefit from a fixed rate that covers both finance and maintenance.
Lease Purchase
A form of hire purchase, lease purchase provides you with ultimate ownership of the forklift truck. It maximises tax benefits and spreads the cost over an agreed period.
Finance Lease
This is an on-balance sheet form of hire financing which spreads the capital cost, but which excludes maintenance. At the end of the primary period, the agreement may be terminated or continued at a nominal rent.
Special Situations
Our specialists can design a financial solution to resolve most problems. We are usually able to ensure flexibility, including the facility to exchange or return part of a fleet to meet changing requirements.